Fairy Mural for Maya

Fairy Mural

for Maya

Under the stair mural for the Gustavo kids

For the charm of children. Little & big :D 

Fairy Mural for Maya

  • Yankee stadium for Rocco
  • James Bond for Jesse
  • Dragon for Austin
  • Pegasus for Camie
  • Night sky/Tie Fighter for Frankie
  • ​Painted rug for Mary
  • Tiki Hut for Sterling
  • Darth Vader/Death Star for Sam
  • Fairytale land for Sophia
  • Ninjago's for Clark kids
  • Cap Mural for baby Bird  

Scrapbook Fanatic

Ft. Lauderdale FL

Party rooms for 

the kid barn

Sandy, Utah

Cartoons & Murals


Pirate Mural for

Porter & Hunter